About Helpling

Helpling is a place to help you find people who are less fortunate or in dire circumstances and see how you can help out.

People can make requests for things; food, money, physical goods, and invites.

Whether they need warm food on a cold night, some cash to travel to see family, a new couch or mattress, or a job interview; you can step in and help them.


When I was 16, I missed an opportunity to feed someone out of stupidity. 12 years later, I still regret it.

But that incident instilled in me a desire to help people, especially those who are struggling to feed themselves.

Over the years, I've tried to build a platform where people can anonymously ask, give, and receive. My first attempt was Khairat, a framework for charities.

However, Khairat was large is scope and never left the planning stage. So I decided that building a simpler platform would be faster and hopefully make the world a better place.


Helpling is built with open-source technology and the source code is publicly available on GitHub.

It's built with React Native, TypeScript, and Firebase.